By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Well, it was bound to happen.  You have a nativity scene with live animals, one of them is bound to make a break for freedom.  And then, obviously, one of them is bound to be wandering the city, causing chaos and general astonishment all over the place.

BUT…seldom is it the case that your nativity scene live animal will try the same move twice.

That’s what happened in Philadelphia yesterday, when Stormy the Cow escaped a church’s living Nativity scene twice over the course of the same day.  Stormy was first apprehended close to I-95, returned to her church, then escaped again.

She was finally corralled on the 4th floor of an Old City parking garage and sent, yet again, back to the Nativity.

Perhaps the most humorous aspect of this situation was the response by the Philly Police Department.  They tweeted a meme of a cow, writing, “You know, you start your day saying ‘well, being a cop is a tough job, but at least I won’t have to catch a cow today.’ But, wouldn’t you know it? You’re wrangling a bovine. Then you say, ‘Well, at least I’ll never have to do that again….’


The caption on the meme?

“Hold my beer.”


However, all’s well that ends well, and Stormy is safe and sound back at the church Nativity, probably regaling the sheep and goats with her tales of freedom.  Props to the Philly Police Department for the safe rescue…twice.  Thanks for serving and protecting ALL of the city’s residents!


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