By Shannon Frost Greenstein

This is it, fans.  This is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Kesha.  Macklemore.  The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore.  It’s Kesha, and Macklemore, together, at BB&T.  That’s Camden, folks, which is essentially Philly, which is essentially your home or just next door, and it’s Kesha.  And Macklemore.  It’s July 25th, with…ok, I guess you get it.

You must forgive the simpering.  You see, I’ve just watched the video for “Good Old Days” by Macklemore and featuring Kesha, off of his album Gemini, and it is simply golden.  It’s amazing.  The pair are transcendent, and their partnership inspires actual, emotional, visceral responses.  Check it out below, and then read on for the details of the show and, most importantly, how and when to get tickets…which you’ll want to do quickly, this one is going to sell out!


The radio presale for Kesha & Macklemore beings Thursday, December 14th at 10 a.m. and continues through to 10:00 pm.  The password is RADIO.  Tickets, then, are officially on sale Friday, December 15th at 12:00 Noon.  Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.com, or by clicking here.

Kesha, it’s no secret, has had a rough few years, what with her continuing legal battle with Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, and her ongoing recovery from an eating disorder.  Surviving either is no small feat, and as Nietzsche says, that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  She is radiant on this side of her battles, with newfound strength that simply shines through her music.  Macklemore is the perfect compliment, and they have a physical and musical chemistry which makes them like two puzzle pieces perfectly pieced together.

keshamacklemore presale bbt1 Kesha and Macklemore:  Transcendent, and COMING TO BB&T THIS SUMMER!


Do NOT miss this show.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of a thing, and one you’ll remember for years to come. Everyone will be talking about this…what will you have to say?



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