By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Adult coloring books are so hot right now.

Apparently, 15 million were sold in 2015.  That’s a fifteen, with six zeroes.  15 million.  Wrap your head around that for a second.

Why are they all the rage?

Well, according to the Creativity Research Journal, coloring can relieve stress at ANY age.  There’s something therapeutic to the entire process…the repetition, the satisfaction of filling up blank space, the act of creating something that wasn’t there before.  Coloring is a stress reliever and a mood lifter, and that goes for adults as well as children.

And now…you can do it Philly-style.

Don’t get me wrong…there are already coloring books about Philly.  But they involve the generic, tourist-y, historical figure-part of Philly, when we ALL know that’s not what living in the city is about.  I’m talking true Philly-style.

Fishtown graphic artist Kate Otte has created an adult coloring book called, “Drawn Jawn.”  And it’s filled with our city’s quirks, foibles, and character-building struggles.

She told the Philly Inquirer, “I really wanted to focus more on trying to capture what it’s like to live here or the jokes or nuances that only locals would understand.””

Pictures to color include a “Guess Which Animals Go Into Scrapple” page, a “Which Of These Objects Is An Acceptable Parking Spot Holder In a Snowstorm” page, and a “Try to Navigate Pennsylvania’s Liquor Laws” page.  There’s mazes and lovely landscapes to fill in and a “Name Game” where you must figure out what the Hell “Manayunk” actually means.

We all know what a special city this is, so it makes sense that one of our own (a transplant, yeah, but a convert, to be sure) has put together the ultimate form of stress-relief and satisfaction.  If you’re already part of the craze, or even if you’ve yet to begin, this is one adult coloring book that understands the REAL Philly.

Drawn Jawn is available on Amazon and Etsy!

From Kate Otte’s Instagram:



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