By Shannon Frost Greenstein

There’s nothing quite like going out to the ballgame.  The snacks, the rivalries, and the excitement bordering on mania when your favorite player slams a home run out of the park…it’s super rewarding to be a baseball fan, especially when the Phillies have done so much to make us proud as a city.

Did you know, though, that there’s a reward for all those homers even beyond the pride you feel as a fan?

Your favorite team and mine has been donating one tree for every home run hit over the last seven seasons to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  That’s 174 for last season alone, and over 800 since the program started.

On Thursday, the season’s trees were donated to the PHS as part of the weekend’s city-wide tree planting event, where nearly 800 trees will be planted across the Delaware Valley.  It’s all part of PHS’ Plant One Million, an initiative with a goal to restore substantial tree canopy above our fair city.

According to the Phillies’ Mary Ann Moyer, ““Phillies home run trees have tags on them of the player who hit the home run, so you can be running on Kelly Drive, or a different part of the neighborhood, and you’ll be able to see Phillies trees.”

It’s so great to know that the Phillies are giving back to the city, and that the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society exists to care for our region.  Next season, when you see a Phillies game, know that the burst of adrenaline you get with each home run is not the ONLY benefit of the team’s stellar performance…the city is being beautified at the very same time!


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