By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Two Philadelphia-area college students got more than they bargained for after calling an Uber last Thursday to get back to their apartment…namely, abandoned, terrified, and endangered.

The two women, students at Drexel and Temple, requested not to be identified, but shared their story with Fox 29 in the name of public safety.  They called for an Uber on the evening of November 9th, slightly after 11:00 p.m, for a two-and-a-half mile ride home from the Electric Factory.

Warning bells started to go off when the driver began creepily commenting on his passengers’ appearances.  “He made weird comments like ‘I like when I have pretty customers,’” says one of the students.

Still, every woman knows that comments like that do not necessarily mean there is danger afoot.  The passengers recognized that this was indeed an alarming situation, with plenty of danger afoot, when the driver passed the apartment that was the women’s destination.

“We make it to almost my apartment and he passes it. And, I tell him you just passed my apartment and he goes ‘Yea uh-huh’ and keeps driving,” one woman explained.

This is the stuff nightmares are made of, because the Uber driver then made a random turn, arrived at a deserted construction site, demanded that the students exit the car, and drove off.

Let’s recap:  Eleven at night, two college-age women, deserted construction site, no ride home, and, oh yeah, Philadelphia at night.

UNDERSTANDABLY, the students were petrified, especially as they noticed the driver cruising back around the neighborhood and passing them as they were attempting to get home.

Uber, in a near-laughable display of a customer service fail, credited the women $5 and offered an apology that they did not end up at their desired destination.

Luckily, the women are fine, and that $5 TOTALLY almost makes up for the sheer terror and mortal fear they experienced.  Wisely, the students filed a police report, and are sharing their story to alert all Uber passengers that ride-sharing is, at the end of the day, climbing into a complete stranger’s car.

Be safe out there, ride-sharers, and look out for one another.



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