By Shannon Frost Greenstein

Millenial here, and I don’t know about you, but the highlight of my elementary education was walking into the lab and seeing “Oregon Trail” loaded on the computers.  Your favorite game and mine was a spectacular way to learn about technology while actually enjoying a class period at school, dying from dysentery notwithstanding.

Well, get ready to have your mind blown, because now there’s a 2017 version, and it’s TO DIE FOR.  Travel Oregon: The Game is the sequel you never knew you needed.

Designed by The Oregon Tourism Commission, AKA Travel Oregon, the game is actually designed to promote tourism in Oregon and winter vacations to the region.

“We want to provide a user-friendly experience that is fun and playable, while also a helpful tool to plan your winter trip around Oregon,” said Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon. “We think the shared nostalgia for the educational game will create a memorable and engaging experience while helping to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Oregon Trail in 2018 and provide new inspiration for travelers to explore our beautiful state of Oregon.”

Now, anyone who’s been to Portland knows about the prevalence of Hipsters in its midst, and that particular lifestyle choice is reflected in the updated version of the game.  Rather than dysentery, it’s a kombucha overdose you need to look out for; no more drowning trying to ford the river, but you’d better watch out for truck-stop sushi.  Your travelers die if they’re not entertained with activities along the trail…personally, I was mistaken as a sommelier and tested on my knowledge about Oregon wines…and the traditional roles of banker and farmer have been replaced by yoga instructors and and fly-fishing guides.

Speaking for myself, I played Travel Oregon:  The Game on my iPhone last night for longer than I’m willing to admit, and enjoyed every second of it.  If you’re a millenial, give it a try for some throwback nostalgia.  If you’re not, play it anyway to learn facts about Oregon, book a trip to the region, or just kill your party on purpose with wet socks, like…ahem…some of us used to do with our nineteenth-century trekkers via sheer exhaustion.

Happy trails!


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