By Shannon Frost Greenstein

An Australian study has proven that concert-goers are just plain happier than people who do not get out to enjoy music in each other’s company.

Melissa K. Weinberg and team, of Deakin University’s School of Psychology in Victoria, Australia, interviewed 1,000 participants to see if, in fact, people who regularly go to concerts are happier than people who don’t.  The study was intended to examine the connection between music engagement and subjective wellbeing, which is essentially a measure of an individual ‘s satisfaction with their own life.

Not surprisingly for any music fans out there, Dr. Weinberg learned that individuals who engaged with music through concerts, dancing, and attending other musical events had a higher subjective wellbeing, or life satisfaction, than individuals who did not.

What’s interesting, however, is that the study found these higher levels of satisfaction required engaging with the music in the company of others.  That’s right…part of what makes you so happy at a concert is the fact that there are other people around you who are so happy at the concert.  It’s group psychology, and it makes sense.  After all, haven’t you had a moment where sharing emotions or excitement communally in a big group just ADDS to your own experience?  Well, according to the process of peer-review, it’s the other members of the audience whom you can thank for your emotional high during a bangin’ concert.

So what should we learn from this study?  Clearly, we should all be going to concerts.  But even more importantly, we should be calling up friends to come to these concerts with us, or making new ones inside the venue.  No matter how happy the  music makes you, science has confirmed that the other fans enjoying it are pivotal to your own pleasure.


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