"I’m probably the opposite of what you’d think of as a pop star."

By Joe Cingrana

Singer Kelly Clarkson is one of those pop superstars who is unabashed when taking makeup-free selfies; It’s just one of the little things that make Kelly’s fans love her so much.

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Kelly admits in a new interview with Fresh 102.7’s Karen & Jeffrey that living in Los Angeles pre-American Idol allowed her to wrap her head around the music business early on, which prepared her for the things she knew she would and would not do for fame — and votes.

“I think honestly at the end of the day I’ve always been the same kid in the sense of ‘this is what you get,'” Kelly said “Even the producers of [American Idol], it drove them nuts that I never wore makeup or didn’t like getting dolled up.”

“From the get-go, I really am happy that I really was myself right off the bat, so I didn’t have to hold up some image that was unattainable for me — because I’m very low-key,” she continued. “I’m probably the opposite of what you’d think of as a pop star.”

Kelly’s down-to-Earth attitude has continued since her early days, throughout superstardom, as well as motherhood. Kelly can still be seen on social media posing with her children in a baseball hat and no makeup.

“I love that I say ‘no makeup Monday’ — that’s a joke — I never wear makeup,” Kelly explains. “I’m actually allergic to a lot of makeup. Secondly, I just don’t like wearing it all the time.You start to feel like I’m in total costume all the time; like I’m going to war. I’m in my war paint!”

Kelly’s new album Meaning Of Life is slated for release on October 25th.


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