Katy Perry Surprises Museum Goers with Her Creepy Floating Head

No flash photography, please.

By Hayden Wright

Visitors at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art expected a low-key afternoon admiring masterworks and High Line views. They were treated to a strange encounter with Katy Perry, who took up exhibition space and posed as the album art from her single “Bon Appetit.”

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Vanity Fair‘s Derek Blasberg rounded up museum goers and led them to a room promising an art installation by “Katheryn Hudson,” Perry’s birth name. When they entered the space, Perry’s actual head was poking out from under a table surrounded by a platter of food.

“Is that Katy Perry?” they began to wonder, and indeed it was. The whimsical prank brings “Bon Appetit” to life in a fancy space, but Perry doesn’t take herself (or the stunt) too seriously. Some visitors look a little lost, others applaud, and many others just don’t know what to say as Perry’s disembodied head starts singing The Sound of Music soundtrack and “I’m A Little Teapot.”

Watch Perry’s misadventure in fine art here:

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